Rejoin, recover, resolve. Rejoice.

Rejoin, recover, resolve. Rejoice.

Our Mission

Empire Med Group is an elite team of medical
supply professionals with a deep understanding of
patient and physician needs. Our motivation is to help
patients, and practitioners, tackle any challenges
life brings their way.

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Our Areas of Focus


Empire Med Group has a full-line of premier orthopedic bracing to SUPPORT you when you need it most. Spine, Shoulder & Elbow, Hand & Wrist, Knee, Foot & Ankle and Custom Speciality Orthoses.

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Bone Healing

Empire Med Group has the most comprehensive line of external bone healing devices to treat your post-surgical spine and devices to assist in non-healing appendicular skeletal fractures. External bone healing devices are a non-invasive technology to complement the body's normal healing process. Empire Med Group also offers the only surgically implanted bone growth stimulator option commercially available for spinal fusion and appendicular applications.

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Empire Med Group carries a unique line of biologics options for surgical implantation. Please inquire through our "Contact Us" form to learn more about our exclusive product offering from one of our representatives.

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Keith Sheaffer

Keith sees himself and his organization as in the business of providing a great experience for its employees, customers, and corporate partners. Over his 25 year medical device career, Keith has leveraged exclusive distributorship rights with industry-leading medical device manufacturers to support treatment teams, and deliver personalized solutions to patients across the East and West Coasts of the US. Prior to forming Empire Med Group in 2019, Keith had worked in various corporate leadership roles in medical device companies and sold his previous successful medical device distribution group that he led from 2013 to 2019.

Maria Conway

Maria is an essential figure at Empire Med Group. Bridging the gap between patients and insurance carriers, equipping our sales and patient care team with up-to-date information, and managing device delivery to our patients, Maria ensures we meet our business objectives everyday by providing quality care and exceptional service to our practitioners, their patients and the entire Empire Med Group team.

Karen Fennell

Karen coordinates all orthopedic bracing sales for Empire Med Group. She brings the motivation, care, and specialized device knowledge to get our patients back on their feet with musculo-skeletal bracing solutions. Karen has extensive clinical experience to assist patients and the business experience to assist practices in achieving their goals of healing and restoring.

Davide Bianca

Davide drives patient care and physician relations for Empire Med Group in our South Florida geography. He also manages a key sales, administrative and patient care team within Empire Med Group. With his background as a licensed nutritionist, dietitian, fitness coach and previous business owner, Empire Med Group’s mission to provide care to our patients and practitioners belongs with Davide’s core principles.

Donna Ferraiolo

Donna’s detailed knowledge of medical practice is key in developing opportunities for her sales team. She cultivates mutually beneficial relationships between Empire Med Group and healthcare providers, their support staff and patients. The mission of Empire Med Group to provide high quality products and exceptional service aligns to Donna’s strengths and 20 year history in medical device sales.

Meet Our Team

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